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Ethiopia’s catastrophic dam

Nader Noureddin unveils the hazardous consequences the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will have on Egypt and Sudan
The Nile, on whose banks lives 90 per cent of Egypt’s population, is under threat. Egypt … Read More

War Drums on the Nile Part 8 & 9 “Time of Brief Consultation and Studies” Between Egypt & Ethiopia,

Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan agreed to conduct further studies on what impact a hydropower dam on the main tributary of the Nile River will have on downstream countries, Egyptian Foreign … Read More

“Morsi Uses Dam as Pretext to cover internal Crisis ” Ethiopian Premier , War Drums on the Nile Part 5

Egypt’s president Mohammed Morsi has warned that “all options are open” as a row with Ethiopia over diverting the Blue Nile for Africa’s largest hydroelectric dam intensified.

Ethiopia has begun moving … Read More