Egypt shocked at the derivation of the Historical Blue Nile by the Ethiopian dictatorial regime for the filling of the mega death dam

The Ethiopian dictatorial regime started deviating the Nile against the warning  international environmentalists not build a mega dam which will dry the river and brings catastrophe. These death dam will not only stop the flow of the Nile at list for 5 years but also salinate  the water. Egypt has been successfully  lulled  by the late Ethiopian Dictator’s discourse Zenawie not to act earlier.

Egyptian foreign ministry called  his  Ambassador Mahmoud Dardir to Ethiopia expressing  its displeasure with Ethiopia’s Death Dam on the Nile


Egyptian diplomats  for the first time criticized Ethiopia for going ahead with the project without taking into account the recommendations of a technical committee  of ten specialists,with  Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. Egyptian ambassador to Ethiopia Mohamed Idris also duped thinking  that Egypt was pursuing a “win-win scenario in which the interests of both sides can be served and accommodated.”

The Blue Nile provides Egypt with the lion’s share of its annual 55 billion cubic metres of river water or 87 % of the water for Egypt.  Egypt will need an additional 21 billion cubic metres of water per year by 2050 – on top of its current quota of 55 billion metres – to meet the needs of a projected population of 150 million.




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