The Ethiopian Dammed Dictator is Damming the Nile & Omo rivers to death

Ethiopia is a country plenty of thermal energy and must work to diversification its food and electric production. And change the mainstay of the population from 89% frames to other sector of the economy to reduce the dependency on water exponentially. The Ethiopian dictator is damming the Nile river to death rather than sharing the waters humanly is building in human death dam as bid as the lake which the source of the Nile itself. Thus all the water in the lake will draine down to the artificial lake built in a lower level. This process may take over 5 years. Main time the riparian like Egypt and Egypt will suffer short of water never seen in the history of the region. The world m must help us to stop the deadly dictator of the horn of Africa Melese Zenawie. Not only the Nile is dammed but also Omo river which end up drying the other lake once known as Lake Rudolf today Turkana north of Kenya.
This a model farmer preaching for the government, not knowing the dam water is destined to him rather to the big industrial framer of India and Saudi Arabia who have recently big part of fertile Ethiopia.

On Location: Ethiopia Claims the Nile par tvnportal

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