Egyptians will need 50% more water of the Nile in 4 decades while the river will dry under 2 decades due wanton damming

The Egyptian experts are projecting when their population reaches 150 they would need 50% more waters than today. But today undue damming in the highland plateau of Ethiopia will dry the river within half time they are projecting. Just look the two images at the source of the Nile due to undue damming and irrigation progressively. In the coming two years after the end of the great death dam it will completely dry in the summer time…

How long it will take to fill up the Ethiopian Dictators’ millennium death dam and revive to reach to Egypt. Following the foot step of the Ethiopian mad man the new south Sudan, Uganda, Congo and Rwanda are planning to follow suit his example of developmental destructive water power.

Though Egypt is currently entitled to 55 bcm of the Nile’s total annual flow of around 84 bmc under a treaty with the eight other countries which share the river basin, once damming process reach its apex by the end of 2013 there will be no water to discuss. This is mainly Ethiopia will use almost 70 % of the 87% of the Nile water she is contributing to the great Nile. And all will be used to the commercial farm sold for the land grabbers of India and Saudi Arabia in the water intensive rice farm land in Gambella and Benishengule regions.  “Should the Nile’s total flow remain constant, Egypt will eventually need some 92 per cent of the 6,695 kilometer-long river’s waters, according to NPI’s estimate.”  Though according to the same projective studies  each Egyptian will have a Nile “stake” of 400 cubic meters in the river’s waters — well below the global water poverty index of 1,000 cubic meters if it continue  to flow at the present rate which impossible. So the Nile is going to the road of destruction not only for Egypt the main stake holder but for all the riparian.

Egypt’s water resources are limited to the Nile River, deep ground water in the Delta, the Western Deserts and Sinai, sporadic rainfall and flash floods while the highland Ethiopia is a water tower with over 13 rivers and lakes.

Agriculture accounts for 85 per cent of water demand, while domestic and industrial use makes up 8 and 6 per cent respectively. The remaining one per cent is used in navigation and hydro-power.

Since 2009 the Ethiopian regime has planned to build over 500 dams and barges all over the country. The worst comes when the Ethiopian dictators started building in 2012 a   mega dam on the Nile despite a long-running row with Egypt. This death dam will stop the Nile’s yearly floods to Egypt by breaking the natural cycle of survival which existed from time immemorial, thus stopping the natural flow of the water breaking the cycle existed long before the making of the Pyramids by creating cataracts.

The one sided approach of the Ethiopian regime not only increase the l salinity like Aswan but will stop its natural flow.

Prof. Muse Tegegne

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