Chilean Protest to save the Andes valley from desertification is the the example to follow by pacified Ethiopia not endorse Mega “Death Dams”

  “It‘s the most beautiful place, I believe, on the planet,” said Kennedy, who kayaks there every year. “I –don’t know any place like Patagonia.“ Robert F. Kennedy Jr, a lawyer for the US-based National Resources Defense Council, appealed to Pinera to call off the project Chilean environmentalists are fighting to stop the deadly dams […] Continue reading →

Millennium Death Dam of desertification

 The Ethiopian dictator covered under the umbrella of the Social Tsunami that engulfed  the Arabic world especially Egypt lunched in human Dam constructions which will completely dry up the Nile river. According to the Ethiopian dictator Melese Zenawie the most gigantic dam will be built on the Nile which will cease the Nile from flowing to Egypt permanently.  This […] Continue reading →