Troubled Waters of the Nile

Stratfor for the Analysis:              A River Runs Through an African Rivalry Forecast The competition to secure water from the Nile River will create problems for Egypt and Ethiopia, much as it has for centuries. The countries will, however, probably find some common ground despite the ongoing construction of the divisive Grand Ethiopian Renaissance […] Continue reading →

Sustainable development and the right to the Nile

   By Mohamed S. M. Yassin (ST)PhD Research Program in Economics, Ecology, Landscape and TerritoryUniversity of Udine, Italy The Nile River is a geographically, historically, socio-economically, environmentally, politically, culturally, hydro-logically, climatically, demographically and naturally shared river of transboundary dimensions within the current composing states. The Nile Basin constituted and continues to sustain and be the major driver […] Continue reading →